How to Access Your Online Bank Offline

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Online banking is more convenient and affordable than most brick and mortar institutions. However, many people hesitate to give up traditional banks for their digital counterparts. Consumers are often wary that an online bank will not be able to provide the services and products they need, but online banking can offer better and faster service than an offline branch, and at a lower cost!

Why digital banking is better for your money

If you’ve been to your local bank branch lately, you probably already know the downsides to trying to manage everything offline. From restrictive hours to long line ups, brick and mortar banking is hardly as convenient as you might think. For most banking errands, like depositing a cheque, paying bills, or setting up a savings account, you don’t need to speak to a bank teller. With online banking, there’s no waiting in line or rushing to get to the bank before it closes. You can do everything from the comfort of your own home – or on the go using a mobile banking app!

Furthermore, because online banks don’t have the overhead of maintaining physical branches, they can offer better rates on savings accounts and lower fees on everyday banking products. High-interest savings accounts, cash-back credit cards and no-fee chequing accounts are just a few of the reasons an online bank might be able to offer your more. Convenience is important, but the real benefit of choosing an online bank is keeping more of your money where it belongs: in your pocket.

Tangerine Cafés offer the best of both worlds

If you want to take advantage of all the perks of online banking but aren’t yet ready to give up brick and mortar banks entirely, the Tangerine Cafés provide the perfect middle ground.

Tangerine does not have typical bank branches, but you can get help with your everyday banking by dropping in to a Café. Here you can learn more about the bank and get help making the best decisions for your hard-earned money, while enjoying some free coffee!

Tangerine’s new 17th Avenue location in Calgary, Alberta

Tangerine has called the 6th avenue Café location in downtown Calgary home for more than a decade. In that time, Tangerine has become part of the Calgary community by working with charitable partners like the Young Women in Business, United Way of Calgary, the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary, Community Kitchen Program of Calgary, YW Calgary and Junior Achievement. Now, they’re moving the Café to 17th avenue.

The Grand Opening is Thursday September 14th, 2017

from 1pm to 5pm

At 1002 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta


I’ll be dropping by with my baby in tow to check out the new store location, and I’d love for you to stop by and see the new facilities as well. The event includes refreshments, snacks, and free giveaways!

I’ve been banking with Tangerine for over 8 years. I have everything from my primary chequing account to retirement savings to my favorite credit card with Tangerine, and I’ve always appreciated their great rates, no unfair fees, and award-winning client service. I stopped by the downtown Café on occasion, and now I’m so excited to check out the new 17th avenue location.


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  1. Susan

    I used to work for a FI as a teller and it would be wonderful if everyone would use the online services for the variety of basic activities. A lot of people comfortable with online banking would still come in and tout their behaviour as “saving jobs”. Trust me, banks still need people and you’re costing yourself time not saving a job. My favourite clients were the older people not comfortable with phone or online banking who genuinely enjoy going to the bank because it’s their social interaction. This is why I’m glad Tangerine has a good balance. Hope the new location is lovely!

    Though, my 87 year old grandma has a handle on phone banking so anyone can learn it. I only go into the bank now when I want cash denominations different than 20s.