Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: MBA edition

Congratulations to me, readers, I am now 1/4th finished my MBA!

I wrote my last exam of my first term on December 19th, and then celebrated with copious amounts of champagne with my classmates. Finals was a rough go, but we all survived.. and are better for it or something.

Getting an MBA has been more or less exactly what I expected. I would estimate I’m taking it about 60% less seriously than most of my classmates, which seems flippant considering the cost, but I know what I’m here for and it’s not to repeat my neurotic type-A ways from undergrad.


Besides, I’m type B now. I know because I took an online personality test.

Unfortunately for me my program is busy and challenging, so I can’t slack off nearly as much as I want to, though I make a sincere and continuous effort.

Here’s what the past 4 months of my life has looked like:

I go to school Monday through Thursday, there’s no classes scheduled on Fridays. I erroneously thought this meant I got 3-day weekends, every week. It was a trick. I spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in group meetings, mandatory seminars (literally ALL DAY on Saturdays), and at events that I reluctantly attend in order to “network” or whatever.


My classmates and I spend the bulk of our time working in groups. It’s exactly what you’d expect.


I try not to be pretentious about getting an MBA because I hate people that are smug about what they study or what they do for a living.


I don’t think getting an MBA is a big deal. I’m getting one because I wanted to study business without doing another round of undergrad (my first degree is a BSc. in Chemistry). I already resent the level of interaction I have to have with undergrads as is, which includes being in adjacent classrooms and having to stand next to them in line for coffee.


So when I meet someone new (on those very rare occasions I interact with someone outside of my class), I try to avoid the “so, what do you do?”-question as long as possible, and then jokingly answer that I’m unemployed. There’s something painfully tragic about being a 28 year old student and I like to lean into that:


… but all that sadness is erased when you say the letters M-B-A because then everyone becomes immediately congratulatory and tells you how successful you’re going to be.


It always makes me feel like a bit of a fraud because if they knew how much Netflix I indulge in as part of my student lifestyle, they probably wouldn’t pat me on the back for going back to school. Seriously you guys I watched the entire first season of Downtown Abbey in one day. ONE DAY. Don’t encourage people like me.

Nevertheless, I have learned I have an aptitude for Economics, I find Accounting terribly boring, and my love of spreadsheets has been nourished to reach epic proportions.  I enjoy my classes and and my classmates are rad, so I’m having a really good time.

My favourite moment of the entire term was when an interviewer for an extra-curricular thing (not a job, thankfully) told me I had “extraordinary business intuition” and “no hard skills”. The comment came after a lengthly discussion on the rising trend of collaborative consumption and what effect aging/contracting populations would have on markets. Then they asked me to calculate some obscure ratio and and I realized that being good at math means absolutely nothing if you don’t understand what variables you’re looking for.


I want to make “extraordinary business intuition, no hard skills” the tagline on every social media profile I have, but that seems self-destructive.

How do I feel after term 1? Ready for another round.




Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck :D

  2. Have fun!

  3. haha you remind me of me in nursing school. “don’t congratulate me. if you knew how many naps I took today and how much I haven’t studied, you would be appalled.”

  4. 1 down, 3 to go and I love the tag line. You should at least post on MAG for a while :). It’s hard not to be pretentious sometimes, even when we consciously try not to be, there is at least one person out there thinking, “Ugh, that smug bastard”. Enjoy being a student again, you’re still in your 20s, that’s like being a baby to anyone over 30 (I should know, I’ve been 30 for six months). I’m pumped to see what you do with all this extra education!

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