My interview with financial guru Gail Vaz Oxlade on CBC The Current


Happy All Saints Day! In the spirit of frugality, for Halloween I was Alice In Wonderland for the second year running. Now that the festivities have ended and I’m slowly coming out of a candy coma, I’m happy to kick of Financial Literacy Month!

As the Canadian debt-to-income ratio hovers at 163% (that means we owe 63% more than we make!), it’s clear a good understanding of the ins & outs of money is sorely lacking. Canadians are making mistakes with their money because they just don’t know any better. Why is debt bad? How do I make a budget? Where do I put my savings? How do I get started investing in the stock market? How much do I need to save for retirement? These are questions everyone should know the answers to, but they’re not easy to find! But if you’re reading a personal finance blog like Money After Graduation, you’re already on your way 😉

This morning, Cait from Blonde On a Budget and I were interviewed by Gail Vaz Oxlade on CBC The Current about student debt and how to pay it off:

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If you’ve been reading Money After Graduation for awhile, you already know I paid off over $20,000 of student debt in 22 months. Since then I’ve also learned how to save for retirement and start investing. Nevertheless, financial literacy is an ongoing goal for me, and I’m always learning how to better manage my money from books, blogs, and my MBA classes.

Also, if you’ve been reading Money After Graduation for awhile, you know I hosted Gail in Edmonton for a lecture and book signing earlier this year.

Canadian Personal Finance is rad. Keep spreading the Financial Literacy love!


  1. gillian

    I was so excited listening. The interview was great!!

  2. You are my financial/radio hero!

  3. Listening to this now, you girls are awesome!!!

    I think you made a great decision to pay down the debt with the mutual fund investment… you were hardly making more than the interest rate on your loan. But did you have no emergency fund at all when you were paying down the debt???