April 2013 Spending Recap

Since my old style of spending recaps is getting a little tired and is popping up on other blogs, I’ve been experimenting with some new ways to share my numbers.  Let me know what you think!

April 2013 Spending-1

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  1. I love this new style! Looks great. We did pretty good with our spending last month, hopefully it continues into this month.

  2. LIKE! It’s super cool.

  3. I like the look of this! My only nitpicky comment would be that it’s hard for me to read whatever font color is under 29 Armstrong

  4. this was awesome! Such a creative and cool way of doing a spending recap!

  5. That’s an awesome infographic! It is really cool that you can do your spending recap that way!

  6. Really cool info graphic! Every month is a battle to reign in spending for us. Money just disappears too quickly! Yikes

  7. That infographic is really cool! Two no spend days are better than zero no spend days. This may be a silly question but how come each category doesn’t have a percentage?

  8. I LIKE!… it’s a lot of work to do it that way though, but I really enjoy the visuals.

  9. I like the infographic format but pie charts are so difficult to read! It takes so long to go through and match the color to the label.

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