Frugal French Cooking


If you’re having a low-key weekend like I am because you spent all your money dining out and now have to stay in and fend for yourself, I have a treat for you.


Now, I could never name just one type of food as my favorite, but French cuisine is a regular part of my dining life because it frequently includes three of my most-loved ingredients:

butter, eggs, and chocolate

If you have a block of butter, a dozen eggs, and a jar of Nutella, you can probably whip up a dozen French recipes, no joke. Well, ok I’m joking a little but if you visit any grocery store in France you’ll notice that the Nutella thing is definitely not a joke — you can get 3L tubs of it there, it’s very bizarre. If you’re more interested in a balanced diet though, I have a few recipes that I’ve mastered. As a general rule, cooking at home is way cheaper than dining out, especially when it comes to special meals. These are the easiest, thiftiest French cooking recipes you will find on the world wide web, and I’m sharing them with you, because I love all of you as much as I love food. All photos sourced from the original recipe pages, since I usually eat my creations before I have time to Instagram them.

French Bread


Are you lazy like me and can’t be bothered with lengthly bread recipes that require regular intervals of kneading and letting the dough rise? Worry not, you can still create bakery-worthy bread in less than an hour. This recipe makes 2 loaves. If you want to win the office over, keep one for yourself and take the other in Monday morning. That promotion is yours. My favorite French bread recipe here.

French Onion Soup


As a general rule, any recipe that calls for alcohol is a culinary masterpiece. If you’ve ever wondered what makes French onion soup so good, the answer is a big glass of carménère — and you can finish the rest of the bottle while this delicious soup simmers. Cutting up 4 onions (I boost both the onion and the red wine in this recipe) is unquestionably the worst part of this undertaking, but I promise the finished products is worth it. Besides, everyone needs a good cry every so often. My favorite French onion soup recipe here. 



Tell me, are you eating enough gruyere? I didn’t think so. Furthermore, if mom asks if you’re getting your vegetables and you don’t want to be a big fat liar, a quiche lorraine is your saving grace. I use only 5 eggs and slightly less milk in this recipe because otherwise I overfill my pie shell. I also go ahead an grate all the cheese, instead of putting it into the quiche in pieces — this makes for an ooey gooey delicious cheesy egg delight. My favorite thing about quiche is that it stores exceptionally well. Bake one on the weekend and you have breakfast for the rest of the week. Mmm, tastes like France! My favorite quiche recipe(s) here.

Happy cooking and dining!


  1. gillian

    My mom makes quiche lorraine every Christmas Day for brunch. Once she suggested to stop making it, and the reaction from the family was much less than receptive. CHEESE.

  2. It’s like you read my mind… I’ve been on a French kick for the last week 😀

  3. oooh, French bread! sounds good! Love bread recipes that don`t take long time to prepare.
    that quiche looks pretty yummy too!

    • Bridget (Author)

      The bread is great but I was trying to think of what herbs to add to make it a bit more flavorful when I cook up my next batch!

      The quiche is amazing. The crust is super easy which I love too.

  4. Erin

    Ah, I’m dying looking at that quiche! I am off meat, dairy, and eggs for the month of April because apparently I’m a masochist. I forgot how much I missed them until I saw this post…

    • Bridget (Author)

      why do you torture yourself Erin?

      • Erin

        I feel great! It’s cheese that is the hardest part. I think after it’s all over I’m going to continue not eating meat (but still eat fish) and eat a reasonable amount of cheese. What I was eating before was not a reasonable amount of cheese for any human being to consume…

        • Bridget (Author)

          ahahahahaha but there’s so many good kinds! That’s what I love about cheese — so many different flavors of delicious. Havarti, gouda, gruyere, edam…