Investing in your well-being: I’m spending $100 per week at the Physiotherapist

Oh god, am I getting old?

Only a few weeks ago I noticed grey hair sneaking into my temples. Upon close inspection, my friends could find none of it, but I know that they are there. Thankfully, as a natural blonde it blends well with my hair so I thank I probably will get a few years before I have to start dying it. In any case, I am aging. At the ripe old age of 27 I know my body is slowly degenerating and soon I may need an artificial hip and/or a walker.


Ok, maybe not but I do need a physiotherapist.

I’ve complained (or rather my massage therapist has complained via me) that my back/shoulders/neck are somewhat of a tense mess. It’s always been like this for me, and I’ve learned to work around it, but it’s not always comfortable. The nature of my job means I spend all day hunched at a computer, and the hours when I am not hunched at the computer, I’m toting around heavy suitcases. In short, not exactly ideal for my body. I find my muscles feel particularly bad during the winter months because I’m less active. In the summer, I will walk/bike to work, go for regular jogs, frequent the yoga studio, and occasionally be convinced to partake in a outdoor sports game. But during the winter, I’m too discouraged by the obscenely early sunsets, cold tempuratures and blowing snow to venture outside or to any gym.

Since once-per-month massages were proving insufficient treatment for my back, I’ve started seeing a physiotherapist for IMS. IMS stands for Intramuscular Stimulation and is a technique that involves sticking acupuncture needles into a tense muscle to get it to relax. At $100 per weekly session, my health spending is sky-rocketing. Thankfully, insurance has been absorbing the bulk of the burden, but it’s not an unlimited money tree and I will be responsible for a portion of the cost — especially since I’ve been told I’ll need 8-10 treatments (but honestly I feel so good after every one, I would be ok if this was for the rest of my life).

I believe your health is your single most important asset, because without it you can’t do anything else. So that’s why I don’t hesitate to spend money on taking care of my body. I definitely have lots of room for improvement when it comes to my health, but it’s usually a matter of discipline rather than finances. Perhaps that’s what I’ll tackle next..

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  1. I wish my white hair had waited until I was in my late twenties. It decided to be an early bloomer and show up while I was 16 or so. That reminds me, I’m really overdue to colour it. I’m going to have to pick your brain on these IMS treatments tomorrow…

  2. I had the same issue with my neck, shoulders and back. I was told to wear some sort of back brace while sitting at my desk so I stop hunching.. :P

    You can do yoga at home you know, but I know what you mean — it just works better if someone is yelling out positions at me and I don’t have to think of what to do next.

    I got my first white hair at the age of 8 or 9, and my mom freaked out and thought I was putting too much pressure on myself.

  3. I started greying early. I have to blame it on the academic stress of high school and college. It got worse in grad school though. I’m probably going to start dyeing my hair in a couple of years. I’m only 22!!!!

  4. true, there is no amount that should be spared when it comes to health, since it can affect your money making ability and start a vicious circle!

  5. exactly how much of this does your insurance cover?

    • For the first two sessions they covered 90% of the cost, but my benefits changed this year to a health spending account so I think I run out of money at $1000 so with my massages I’m going to burn out by March lol

  6. Ohhh, I’ve had IMS before. I was pinching a nerve with my biking. The first time I left, when I went to get out of my vehicle at home, I couldn’t lift my purse, which is TINY and contains only my wallet and my cell phone.
    Yikes that your benefits changed in a negative way :-( Mine went up a little bit this year. Thankfully, they segregate based on practitioner type, so massage and physio don’t burn up the same pot of money.

  7. I don’t think I have any grey hair. What does it look like on a blonde, though? I’ve never dyed my hair.

  8. You are lucky you are blonde!!! I found 1 lonely grey hair and I had a panick attack. Now I realize it’s more common in your 20’s than I thought. Seriously though… where did our youth go? I agree with spending on your health. I had an issue where my feet hurt to the point where I could no longer do my job. I went to a massage therapist 3 times a week for 6 months in order to sort it out. It was expensive however, saved me from going on disability which would have cost me WAY more in lost wages.

  9. I just wrote a post on how as I’m getting older I seem to be spending more on things to “take care of myself.” Yup, it happens.

  10. Hey, if it makes you feel better then it’s probably worth it!!!

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