Post-Apocalyptic Resolutions for the New Year

Now that we’ve officially survived the apocalypse, those New Year’s resolutions we made in the hopes that the world would end are nagging us. “Do me. Do me. Be the ‘better you’ you said you were going to be in 2013.” And while our new and improved selves look so glamorous and wonderful, it’s way easier to just be the fat, broke, lazy smokers we were in 2012.

While we may not achieve the most far-fetched resolutions on our list (like becoming the next J.K. Rowling or finding an unattractive quality in George Clooney), we can work on the more realistic items such as saving up a respectable emergency fund or putting an extra $100 a month towards paying off debt.

Whether our resolutions are finance, health, or experience related, the basic criteria for setting successful goals are the same:

Be realistic… If you’ve never said no to a King Size bag of M&Ms, you are not going to look like Megan Fox by January’s end. However, you can lose 1-2 pounds a week by eating less and working out more. It isn’t glamorous but it works.

…but stretch yourself a little. While you don’t want to set crazy impossible goals, you don’t want to make it too easy for yourself either. If you know you can put $100 per month in savings, make your goal $110 or $125 instead. You’ll be more motivated to find fat to trim in your monthly budget and you’ll feel more accomplished.

Make goals for YOU. Don’t make goals because other people told you that’s what you need to do. If you fail them (which you probably will as they aren’t your aspirations), you get the double whammy of failure – failing a goal and disappointing someone else.

Don’t beat yourself up. If life gets in the way or you fall off the wagon, be kind to yourself. Not all of us were meant to be perfect (myself excluded, of course). But seriously, when you’ve eaten your weight in pizza, the solution is not quitting and binge eating Double Stuf Oreos. Forgive yourself and do better tomorrow.

And finally, don’t deprive yourself. To avoid that last situation, do everything in moderation. Balance is your friend. If you cut out your entire entertainment budget for the year to attack debt or completely boycott salt and sugar, you will relapse – I know, I’ve done it. I threw every penny I had at debt and then I charged a pair of $200 shoes. So relax and give yourself some breathing room.

Follow these steps to set New Year’s resolutions and goals in general, and you will be the thinnest, richest, most productive person ever. Okay, maybe not. But you will be setting yourself up to succeed. After all, you survived the end of the world, baby! No one can get in your way! Not Mayans, not cookies, not $200 shoes. Have an awesome 2013!

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  1. Great advice. I really need to learn that whole forgive myself thing. It really does help.

  2. Hah guess who had an entire box of ferrero rocher chocolates last night? Moi.
    I’m pretty terrible, and needs to start eating healthier again. So I bought myself a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit on sale. That should motivate me to lose five pounds and get ready for the summer!

    • Is it horrible that my first thought was, “wow, that sounds delicious”? Haha, just forgive yourself and do better today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day ;). Happy 2013!

      • I think it was enough to stop the cravings. I just had to overindulge to the point I felt sick and just didn’t want anymore. Plus, now all the chocolate is gone in our house. Hopefully, people get rid of the chocolates in the office soon!!!

  3. I’m great at setting goals. Not so great at sticking to the process and then I get down on myself. My goal this year is to stick to my goals. :0

  4. Pew. Pew. Pew! But really, don’t hate yourself forever for the small stuff. And if you are ever in any doubt, watch My Shopping Addiction and feel better ;)

  5. Balance is everything!

    • That is something I desperately need to learn. I go from one extreme to another. Happy 2013!

      • me too! I always find it difficult to balance money when it comes to the dilemma between saving and spending it to be with friends. Sometimes the pressure to use more money than I`ve got is one thing I need to process and learn how to deal with. btw. The link to my name in my previous comment is completely wrong. Been trying to fix it. for some reason my blog has automatically linked another blog to my name.

  6. I hope you have an awesome 2013 as well! I agree to set goals but leave some room for error. Things don’t always go 100% as planned!

    • Absolutely! I am obsessed with planning, but sometimes life happens and you just have to roll with it. Thankfully, life seems to know what it’s doing more than we do :).

  7. The last tip is the most important one I think. Everything in moderation sets the stage for sustainable, long term changes, which is what self improvement is all about.

    • I completely agree. Balance is something I have to constantly work on, as I am pretty “all or nothing” about everything. Moderation is key. Happy 2013!

  8. yay for positivism! one step at a time, with a few oopsies, is much better than nothing at all.

    • Absolutely! Some people dwell so much on perfection that they forget to look at the big picture of progress :). Happy 2013!

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