Saturday PF GIFs

These are for Adina, who missed them.

When Nelson complained that I’ve been making too good of financial decisions recently so he had nothing to criticize me about:

When Joe and Nelson try to tell me why giving up everything fun in the whole wide world is worth it to accumulate oodles of money:

When Joe told me all the bad things he says about me and other PF bloggers behind our backs:

Cassie, by my side the whole time. Thank God:

When I accidentally agreed to pay off my remaining $8,500 in student loans by the end of February 2013 so everyone would get off my case, and then I realized how much money that actually is:

When I managed to get a guy’s number in the middle of dinner, so Adina conceded that while I might not be her favorite PF writer, she would be my number 1 fan if I had a dating blog:

So, basically meeting PF bloggers is always like:

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. These are great. I missed them too!! And that bunny.. I think I am in love.

  2. Haha love these! :)

  3. Ah, Joe. My favorite person. lol.

    These are funny!

  4. Man, there are some bitchy male PF bloggers. Goodness!

    I love the GIFs, hope they keep coming. :)

  5. I missed these too, I’m so glad they’re back! (and I totally have you back ;) )

  6. These are always such a great hoot after a long week. Thanks for doing them. Hope you have a fabulous holidays.

  7. Yes!! They are back, and even better on Sunday morning, LOL!
    Next up, the dating blog, yes?

  8. The happy bunny makes me happy.

  9. Very creative!

  10. That bunny is too cute. And I would so read your dating blog girl.

  11. haha my bunny doesn’t do that! That bunny loves linens :)

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