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The Financial Perks of Being Childless by Choice


When I met up with Modest Money, Outlier Model, Freedom 35, Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses and Add-Vodka in Vancouver last month, an interesting topic came up: many personal finance bloggers, particularly women, choose not to have children. I hadn’t noticed it before — and maybe it’s just because many of us are still in our 20s — but a fair number of PF bloggers are either delaying having children or not planning on having children ever. (Except Daisy, who immediately piped up that children are definitely in her 5-10 year plan). Before I go too much in one direction, I want to point out that I love children. I freakin’ adore them. I like watching cartoons and building forts and dressing up Barbies. As a part-time nanny through most of my undergraduate degree, I got my share of vomit and poop and tantrums too, and it didn’t make me love […]