November 2012 Spending Recap

Woot! I’ve tracked every penny for 11 months of 2012, and I can confidently say it’s a habit that will stick. I never liked doing it, but it definitely does make things easier over the long haul. I’m excited to track the rest of the year and find out my average spending in every category. I’ve already peeked, and there was no real surprises, but there were some things that I’m going to adjust in the New Year. Anyway, back to November:

Bank chargesyou know what this is for.

Bills – those essential things. It’s getting dark at 4pm now so I’m expecting my electricity bill to double for the next few months =\

Clothing – I bought a pair of shoes in Vancouver, then some sweaters and tights from Superstore which cost next to nothing. Then the usual round of dry-cleaning, which I need to do less of.

Debt – yeah, I’m still doin’ it even if you guys think I’m not!

Electronics – I bought a TV, and an Apple TV. I feel like maybe I should have pointed this out in my birthday post, but my grandparents and my dad contributed to the TV fund as my birthday present so while I “spent” all this money, it didn’t come right out of my pocket. Yeah birthday money!

Food – a little bit higher than usual. November was not a cooking month for me. I could not be bothered. I also hosted a party, which came with a pricetag. Worth it!

Healthcare – this is for a massage. Normally these are covered by my employer, but I think I spent my maximum amount in 2012 so I have to pay this one. Oops!

Household – I think this is my new luggage… should have rethought that category.

Investment – bought some stocks! I know some recent posts may have made you all forget I do exercise some financial restraint.

Job Expenses – these will all be reimbursed. I submitted my travel claims for my Vancouver trip, but I made a mistake on them so now I have to correct that and send them in again. So… ignore this pie slice, I’ll get the money back eventually.

Leisure – I bought two tickets to Taylor Swift’s Red tour for 2013. One of these is mine, the other is for my bestie so I’ll be reimbursed for that one too sometime in the future =) The rest is movie tickets (I saw both Breaking Dawn and Skyfall, guess which I liked better?) and iTunes purchases.

Personal care – make-up & spa.

Travel – this is the cost of my extra days in Vancouver. I had to pay for one extra night in the hotel, food while I was there, and the difference in cost for my flight since I opted to stay a few days and it ended up being more expensive.

On to December!