Old and New Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas, even more so as I grow older and the gift load lessens. Mostly because I love food, and Christmas is a good holiday for that. You may have also guessed that I love any occasion with a theme, decorations, and good cheer, because that’s just how I roll. Honestly I wish there was a holiday for every week so we could always be celebrating something or other with dinners and gifts. I’m not a huge fan of carolling, but I’ve been known to break out in sing-along with Michael Bublé after some eggnog.

My parents live in Utah, and while the weather is considerably more forgiving there, I’m not committed to making the trip and missing out on festivities with my extended family that lives here.

I always spend Christmas eve with my Oma & Opa, who provide traditional German food and gifts, which we open that same night. Up until last year, I always spent Christmas morning with boyfriends, then went to dinner with my extended family Christmas Day. Last year’s Christmas morning was a bizarre one, because I woke up and literally had nothing to do all day until the evening. I still invested in a tree and Christmas decorations so my house was festive, but it was a tad lonely. My friends and I texted each other for a few hours as we watched TV at our respective homes before we realized the morning would have been much better spent celebrating together. This year, that’s what we’ll be doing.


We’re all going to stay at the same house, open presents together in the morning, drink hot chocolate and/or Bailey’s coffee and/or rum & eggnog, and watch all the good (and terrible) Christmas movies. It is probably going to be the best Christmas ever.

I know that holidays are a time for family, but in being single for nearly 2 years now, I’ve become very grateful for the time I have for just myself and my friends. It’s precious, because it can be so short lived. Many of my friends are in long-term relationships, or even married. While I have every intention of staying single for all eternity, I recognize that my friends might get snapped up by worthy men before Christmas 2013 — which means friends holidays must be indulged while we still can. My friends are my family, so it only seems right to share the big holidays with them.

The season’s just getting started, but I’m wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas this year =)

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