Happy Birthday to ME

I turn 27 today! I am officially “late twenties”. I continue to be unmarried and childless as befits my selfish and spendy nature. Honestly, I keep waiting to feel “old” at some point, but my personal success to-do list keeps growing and I really feel excited for the opportunity and experiences ahead of me. I also breathe a deep sigh of relief that I’ve completed school, found gainful employment, saved five-figures for retirement, know how to invest in the stock market, and otherwise exhibit signs of a successful adult. It’s probably all downhill from here.

Most of my partying happened on the weekend, and included a night of debauchery in which my iPhone 5 was lost/stolen on a dance floor and subsequently returned, a themed birthday party in which all my friends participated because they are the very best, and a dinner with my extended family that included roast beef and cake, as every celebration of my birth should. I feel very  loved <3

In order to maintain my personal tradition of over-spending on my birthday, I bought myself this:

Overall, I kept this year pretty tame (no, seriously) because next year is my champagne birthday where I turn 28 on the 28th of November. Plans and spending are already happening, I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, readers read on! Your acceptance of me and my crazy ways is the best gift you can give. Thank you for your support and encouragement, and your hilarious contributions to this website. I love you all to bits!

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  1. Happy Birthday and I’m glad you enjoyed the festivities surrounding it! It feels good to be excited about life doesn’t it :)

  2. Happy Birthday To You!!! Love the gift. At your age knowing that you are pouring so much effort into your finances is something you will look back on and be thankful you did. Keep at it.. and enjoy your Birthday! Mr.CBB :-)

  3. Happy Birthday girl!

  4. Happy birthday. Only a few more years until the big 3-0 :-)

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  6. Happy Birthday! : )

  7. Happy Birthday! I don’t think a lovely 42 inch TV is over spending… you only go overboard when you start looking at the 70+ inch models..

  8. Happy Birthday Bridget!!!

  9. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I read lost/stolen iPhone 5. You definitely got lucky.

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Christian L. says:

    Enjoy your special day. I’m surprised you didn’t tell us how you payed for your TV. I guess since it’s your birthday we’ll let it slide. ;)

    -Christian L. @ Smart Military Money

  12. Happy Birthday :)

  13. Happy birthday. I hope you have many many more.

  14. I turn 27 next year, and unfortunately I feel old. Mostly because I have not found gainful employment with an Anthropology Major. Despite seeing the university career centre for months, I am unable to define what I can do with an anthropology degree. Wal-Mart cashier is my most promising lead right now. Suggestions are appreciated.

    • I’m sorry to hear that =( I know I’m blessed to live in a prosperous province with lots of job opportunities.

      Not sure if you’ve tried this yet, but I paid to have my resume looked over professionally. I provided the job postings I was applying to and they career centre helped me write my resume & cover letter to apply. It worked really well, I started getting calls right away where previously I had none.

  15. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you`ve had a great day, and ate a lot of cake!:-)
    Totally supporting the Tv splurge! Love your blog btw! It`s honest, funny, straightforward and I can relate to sooo much.

  16. Happy birthday! Was a nice turn of events for your Iphone!

  17. Happy birthday Bridget!!! Hope 28 is even better to you. And glad you got your shiny new iPhone back.

  18. Happy birthday girl!

  19. Happy birthday! My sister called 24 on the 24th her golden birthday — that’s the first I’ve heard of anything like that. Every birthday is my champagne birthday!

  20. Happy birthday! And don’t stress too much about being in your “late twenties”. Seriously, not a big deal, and from what I hear, the 30’s are the best decade. So you’ve got loads to look forward to =)

  21. mochiandmacarons says:

    Happy Birthday. I love being almost 30 now :)

  22. Happy Birthday! Gosh what I wouldn’t give to me in my late 20’s again!

  23. Happy Birthday!!! 27 was a GREAT year for me – I hope it’s even better for you!!! And I love the bday gift to yourself. :-)

  24. Happy Birthday! I hope to have accomplished as much as you have by the time I turn 27.

  25. Happy Birthday Bridget. I turned 29 in October. I am married and am about to have a kid, so I already feel old. I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy your continued success.

  26. Happy Belated Birthday Bridget! It sounds like you might need to stick a bungie cord to your cell phone for nights out on the town, lol ;)

  27. Happy belated birthday. Bridget! I really enjoy reading your blog and love that you are so crazy, sometimes. I turned 28 this year, and I love it. Cheers!

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