Guest Post: Kids Activities vs. Financial Health: Which One Should You Choose First?

If you have kids older than ten years of age, you’ll be probably be hearing a lot about karate, skating, dance, sports, piano, swimming and even art.  While the fact that your kids are interested in so many of these activities might make you happy, generating money for these hobbies is a really pressing issue with your low income and mounting debts.

According to stats, the employment to population ratio is just 58.5%. Among those who are employed, 10% earn below $35,000 a year. Many of these people have taken loans, and are having difficulty in paying them back. However, the availability of debt consolidation programs in the US is a relief for many who struggle with their finances. There are also similar programs which can help you generate funds for your child.

You may really want your kids to take part in all these activities, but the high fees for all these classes are too much to bear.  This is not the case anymore. If you act smart, you can tolerate all these added expenses and still attain the financial health you want. You can generate an extra income if you have the time. If you do not, well there are still alternatives.

Generating Income

Generating income from a second source other than your current job is a great way to manage your budget. Here’s how you can do it.

§  Sign up on a freelancing website. There are no charges for making an account. Browse through the many projects, and bid on the ones you like. This is really a great way to earn money especially since most of the projects range from $100 to $250. The only thing required is some extra time on your part.

§  Sell all the unused stuff in your house. You’ll be fairly surprised at the amount of money you can earn in this way.

§  Create a website, and request other companies to advertise on it.

Alternative Ways

There are many alternatives if you cannot take out the time to engage yourself in the above mentioned activities.

§  There are many online videos on YouTube and similar sites which are great for beginners. So if your child likes karate, then download these videos. Together the two of you can learn the basics.

§  Suppose your child likes dance. Once again search online for tutorials videos. You’ll be surprised to find resources for all types of dances, and these are extremely effective in teaching young children. If any of your friends know dancing, then you can also request them to teach your child for free or for nominal fees.

§  If your kids like skating, then why don’t you arrange a family skating event? You can even spend some quality time with your kids this way. When your kid becomes pretty good at it, or at least learns to maintain his balance, then you can enroll him in classes later on.

§  If he likes sports, then arrange weekend matches. Once again, these are a great way to spend joyful moments with the people you love most, and they are free.

§  If your kids like swimming, then just take them to a nearby pool.

§  Take a child loan. You do not have to worry about making payments or adding to your debts, because the availability of debt consolidation programs in the US is a relief for many who struggle with their finances.

The Bottom Line

Make use of the above mentioned techniques, and try to put as many as you can in your schedule. If you do, you will not have to choose between financial health and your kids’ interests. Once they become really good at them, then you can register them for professional classes. The money will not be wasted, and you yourself will be proud of their achievements.

Just give yourself and your children time. You might overcome all your financial restraints in the future, and then you can spend even more on your kid without having to think about money. Go with the flow of time, and take things slowly. This way you will not have to make regretful decisions.

Author’s Bio

CJ’s main interest lies in the field of finance. She understands that the availability of debt consolidation programs in the US is a relief for many who struggle with their finances. She regards money important, but considers it insignificant when it comes to her kids.

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  1. Ugh, I am already worried about the costs of my kid’s activities. I haven’t had to deal with it yet because they are only 3 and 1 but I know that the time will come! Hopefully they will only pick a few things to do that are cheap?

  2. Well… our son is 8 and he wants to do a lot of things. Now he is riding, fighting and playing drums. We’ve told him that everything costs money and we proud of him if he loves doing those things but e.g. he has to practise drums if he wants to get teached.
    We think he has understood those things and if he stops practising ( we don’t trust him to practise every day – he has to practise regularly about 15-30 Minutes ) we will get him off the music school.

  3. Yeah, I am not looking forward to paying for some of the interests my child is going to end up having… Good thing I have a few years to save up.

  4. I don’t have my own children but I teach folk lore dance and I’m surprised with the parents of the kids. They might have no problem buying new hockey equipment for their children or more expensive dance lessons (I teach non-profit) yet they seem to love to complain over an increase in our tuition (going from $50 to $75 for the year). Boggles my mind.

  5. We had our kids in swim lessons for a while, but got frustrated with both the cost and that they just stood on the little platform in the water the majority of the time. We take them to family swims now. They are in the water for twice the time, and it’s 1/2 the cost!

  6. I just hope my Son doesn’t want to play Hockey. I might have to get a second job to afford the equipment and tournaments

  7. I was always aware that activities cost money. As a daughter I tried to minimize the cost of my activities since my parents could not afford a lot. This is to all parents: there are so many activities that do not need endless of $$$ to participate, where you learn valuable skills. I was involved in Band, Cross Country, Track & Field, UIL Debate & Speech, School organizations like History Club, Key Club, Student Council, etc. I also worked with a music and folklore non profit where I taught in exchange for dance lessons.
    Please parents explain to your children the value of money and make them responsible and aware.

  8. I don’t really have any response to this except that I am SO grateful I have no kids!

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