Debt aversion does not equal gold-digging

Remember that time I dumped a guy because he was $50K in the hole? Well, that post got a lot of interesting comments and eventually the word gold-digger started getting thrown around.

It actually caused enough sensation and Jessica form Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses also got sucked into the mess. Pretty soon I’m sure there will be blogrolls with categories like “PF blogs”, “Investing blogs” and “Gold-digging blogs” and there will be me and Jessica, writing all like IDGAF.

I’ll admit I find it somewhat ironic that as soon as I bail on a relationship with a guy that has at $30,000 car loan + $20,000 of student loans, I’m a gold-digging hypocrite. I feel very strongly about who’s responsible for what financially in a relationship so the accusation felt misplaced. I hate to point out the obvious here, but how come no one ever mentioned…

Debt-aversion and gold digging are not the same thing.

Gold-digger: A person that seeks out a wealthy partner in order to be provided for financially and profit substantially from the other person’s wealth in the form of money and gifts.

Debt-averse: A person that doesn’t like debt. If they’re in debt, they want to get out of it. If they’re out of debt, they don’t want to get back into it. They are certainly not at all interested in paying off someone else’s debts.

Not wanting to pay off someone else’s car loan does not a gold-digger make.

Let’s be real here guys:

If I took out a $30,000 car loan, you guys would have my head.

Seriously. I wouldn’t even be able to contain the amount of negative comments that would get. It actually would probably be severe enough of a personal finance crime that another blogger would devote an entire post to the reckless consumerist culture of the millenial generation and tag my article as a leading example. I would immediately become the social pariah of the PF blogosphere and people would take my financial advice even less seriously than they do now. Of course I could be wise about it and choose a less than $30,000 car using Canada ;) But if my date does it I should just look past it and love him for his personality because being broke together is “romantic”?

You guys…


Come on, guys.