The Problem With Mitt Romney’s Finances


First off, I want to let you know that I am not American. While I did live in the USA for a few years, I’m a Canadian citizen by birth and will probably be staying here in the great white north for the rest of my lifetime. Nevertheless, some of my favorite things are found south of the border: San Francisco, my parents, and cheap shopping. In the interest of being a somewhat informed global citizen, I’ve been following the US election with an interest that has intensified proportionally to Mitt Romney’s increasing displays of ignorance and idiocy. He is a bad, bad man you guys.

Money After Graduation is normally a politics-free zone but Mitt Romney is a tool.

I can’t stand him. Like, really can’t stand him. Hate him more than George-W.-Bush-and-Sarah-Palin-combined kind of can’t stand him. I hate everything about him from his homophobia to his disdain for “the poor” to his binders of women. His perspective on money and wealth approaches a level that is so wildly self-absorbed I think he might be a financial sociopath.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is the funniest video on the internet to date:

Mitt Romney’s Financial Perspectives That Are Just Plain Wrong

It’s ok that women earn less than men.I’m sorry, but you have a vagina so you only qualify for 77% of what a man earns.

Education is not a worthy investment. The USA consistently ranks lowest amongst the developed world when it comes to education and now Romney is going to make it even worse.

Adequate healthcare is only for the rich. Just in case being born with cancer isn’t punishment enough, we’re going to make you pay out of pocket for your treatment. The USA spends the more on healthcare than any other country, but gives grossly disproportionate service to its citizens. 26,000 Americans die each year due to inadequate health insurance coverage.

You don’t have to pay taxes! Taxes are for poor people. Rich people get loopholes and offshore accounts.

When in doubt, buy more weapons. I guess all the money the USA won’t be spending on education & healthcare is what Romney will be using for the US military. Moar guns, moar powerrrrr. It’s cool, America wasn’t enough of a global military super-power already.

I feel like the rest of the developed world is watching the US presidential election in complete bewilderment that such a candidate has been put forward for a position of authority.Β Seriously America, are we bing punked?



  1. I agree with you. I recently read that in THE REST OF THE WORLD only 9% of people would vote for him, while around 60% would re-elect Obama. I don’t see why the USA doesn’t see that.

    • Bridget (Author)

      9% sounds about right, it’s hard to believe he has double-digit support in the USA. It’s so bizarre.

  2. This 2012 election is going to be a close one. I just hope whoever wins in the end is going to allow the Keystone project to continue, so that will help boost our Canadian economy. But as someone interested in personal finance, I’m concerned neither of the candidates brought up how they’re going to fix the massive debt and deficit problems in the US. The fiscal cliff is no small issue. R.P. is like the only one who understands the importance of a sound monetary policy but of course he is no longer in the race.

    • Bridget (Author)

      I’ve heard brief alluding to it but I find the candidates contradict themselves or are undecided on the issue. We’ll see!

    • SK

      Unfortunately, Ron Paul also believes that there’s such a thing as “honest rape.” Good riddance. I don’t care how sound a monetary policy purports to be if the guy behind it reinforces rape culture.

    • Gary Johnson, who IS still in the race, has many of the same platforms as Ron Paul… except he’s pro-choice.

  3. Brian

    Can’t say I really like either of the major two candidates and will probably “throw my vote away” on a third party. To me this election is similar to John Kerry running against George W. In that elections the Democrats didn’t really know if they could win so they sent out a weak candidate and hoped for the best. I feel like the Republicans are doing the same thing here.

    If you really want to see a horrible candidate look at Indiana (yeah it pains me he is running for Senate from my state) Senate Candidate Richard Murdock and read his views on Rape and Abortion. I can’t even put into words how I feel about his comments.

  4. Thank you for speaking up! I’m with @Liquid on Ron Paul speaking the truth (google Ron Paul predicts the future for in interesting Youtube video).

    I think both candidates have their strengths and shortcomings, but in the end, I don’t think Mitt’s social philosophy (that is… if he isn’t flip-flopping on the issue) will inspire progress in the U.S.A.

  5. Fellow Canadian here. I’ve been basically obsessed with watching this election unfold and I’m pretty astounded that it’s as close as it is. Every time more damning evidence comes out that he’s not working for the interests of the average American, I think that maybe that’ll have some effect on his numbers – but it still seems like the election is going to be really close!

    That either says something very good about how amazing his campaign is at conning people, or it says something very bad about the values of the average American voter. If he’s elected, I’m really scared of what he and Harper will accomplish together.

    • Bridget (Author)

      “If he’s elected, I’m really scared of what he and Harper will accomplish together.”


      • Double LoL…I really don’t think he has much of a chance though. I figure the polls are somewhat skewed just to keep media attention. I read a good breakdown from The Atlantic on the undecided states and it’s pretty favorable for Obama. Should be entertaining on Tuesday!

  6. I think that everyone on earth should get a vote in the US election because what they do affects everyone, and obviously half the country is too gullible to make an informed decision. I mean seriously. In what other democratic country do people vote in a party, watch them f*** everything up royally, and then blame the next dude for not cleaning up the mess fast enough?

    • Hi. One American here 100% in support of the idea of letting everyone else vote in the U.S. election. It would be no contest then. I also wouldn’t have to be sitting here feeling sick that this horrible man could somehow win. I could sleep at night.

    • Bridget (Author)

      Amen. The US is one of the most influential countries in the world. What they do affects everyone.

  7. He weirds me out as well. 47% right speech to folks paying $25k for a plate of food and the “honour” of hearing him make them feel good?

    Obama may not have delivered but I sure don’t feel like I need a shower after seeing him speak.

    Don’t get me started on our PM, Harper πŸ˜‰

  8. Jenn

    Very interesting post; a Canadian perspective on our (admittedly crazy) election is fascinating. I’ve been pretty shocked by how close this race is as well, considering Romney’s obvious disconnection from the average American, his views on the poor (or
    really, his massive and insulting misperceptions of a full 47% of the population), his views on women, and a host of other issues.

    The fact is, there are a fair number of people who vote based on abortion and religious beliefs. This includes some in my family. That does not explain fully, of course. I think Mitt also had a very strong showing in the debates, particularly the first, where Obama faltered. I fear that many were convinced by his smoothly delivered show, and are not informed enough to realize that Mitt has changed his tune and promises the impossible. *sigh* I’ll be glad when this election is over, though I’m fearful of the results. I live in a swing state and am inundated daily by advertisements on TV, mail, and online. The ads are generally massively misleading and often very negative. Are elections in other countries this mad?

    • Bridget (Author)

      I’m fearful too =(

      My family is devout mormon and will be voting for Romney based on religious views alone. I’ve tried to talk sense to them but the gay marriage and abortion issues seem to come before anything else. It’s really sad.

  9. SK

    I’m so liberal that Obama is too conservative for me, haha. Romney is absolutely awful and I hope he disappears after he loses the election.

  10. I’m going to put this out there (because I know nobody else will)… but a lot of the arguments against Romney are oversimplified and misleading. For example, women do not make 77% of what men make in the same jobs. That statistic compares ALL women to ALL men, regardless of the type of job or number of hours worked. Since men still dominate fields like engineering, IT, advanced medicine, politics, etc. of course they make more. Women also get behind when they go on maternity leave (you could argue that this is unfair, but that’s a separate issue).

    As for repealing Obamacare, understand that this is not universal health care – it’s mostly a subsidy of private health insurance. Even with the individual mandate, many people will still be uninsured but pay a penalty (which in most cases is far less than the cost of insurance). It’s also very unclear what Romney would replace the system with, considering he piloted a very similar program in Massachusetts.

    As for taxes, it came out that 47% of Americans don’t pay income tax. Some of them are rich people taking advantage of loopholes, but others simply don’t make enough money. Both Romney and Obama fail to address the fact that the current tax system is completely stupid – thousands of pages of exemptions and deductions to appeal to special interest groups. IMO we need to scrap the whole thing and replace it with a flat tax (or Fair Tax, as supported by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson).so everyone pays their fair share.

    I also hate both candidates’ views on education. (I am a teacher.) Romney thinks we need to cut federal spending and privatize education for it to be successful. He’s also anti-union. Meanwhile, Obama has continued federal programs like NCLB and Race to the Top which are bankrupting schools through a series of unfunded mandates and unrealistic goals. He also wants to “hire more math and science teachers” while arts programs are being gutted across the country. We need to get the federal government (and politicians in general) out of education, and let teachers do their jobs.

    Okay, end of political rant. πŸ™‚

    • Whoops, forgot gay marriage. Romney disagrees with it for religious reasons, which needs to be respected under freedom of religion. BUT a good president would say “My religion states that gay marriage is immoral; however, since I am not gay, it’s none of my business what other people do as long as they’re not hurting anyone.”

    • Bridget (Author)

      Women make less than men in identical positions in the same fields. It’s not a myth. It also can’t be accounted for when controlling for all other factors such as age, experience, education, etc. Women are consistently paid less because they are women, period. If you believe otherwise, it’s because you haven’t seen the data.

      I don’t think Obama or Romney have a good plan for healthcare. It’s atrocious that the USA doesn’t provide adequate healthcare to its entire populace. What some families pay for health insurance is just robbery.

      Romney is one of the rich avoiding income tax! I agree with a flat tax, but I’m doubtful the USA is ready to implement that.

      The US should just adopt the Canadian education system, particularly that in the province of Alberta. It’s one of the best in the world. Every school should teach the same curriculum. This private school thing is complete BS and grossly unfair to students that had the misfortune of being born poor, which is no fault of their own.

      • I’m not saying the entire concept of gender pay discrimination is a myth; just that the 77% statistic has been highly refuted on the grounds that it doesn’t account for the type of job, average number of hours worked, or gaps in employment due to life choices (such as maternity leave). I’d be curious to know where SK found the statistics below.

        Regardless, neither candidate adequately addresses the issue of discrimination in the workplace. The best Obama has done is the Lily Leadbetter Act – and all that does is give women more time to sue their employers. Romney dodged the question altogether; I honestly don’t think he would oppose a measure to give women fair pay. It’s just one of the many issues he hasn’t really thought about and probably has no idea how to address.

    • SK

      Bridget is correct. The numbers get even more depressing when broken down by ethnicity as well. This is what women are paid in comparison to men for IDENTICAL POSITIONS:

      White: 70 cents
      Asian: 75 cents
      Black: 62 cents
      Native American: 57 cents
      Latina: 52 cents

      This is absolutely shameful, don’t you think?

  11. Let me preface my next statement with this: I am a “Democrat,” except not really, because like SK I’m much more liberal than most Democrats. So there’s no way, under any circumstances, I would ever vote for any Republican. Ever.

    But. Deep down, I really don’t think that Mitt Romney is as conservative as he’s been trying to make himself see over the last couple of years. I think he’s really out of touch and I disagree with his fiscal policy, but socially I think he’s been trying to make himself look more conservative to play to the ultra-conservative, Evangelical, we-wear-camo-and-shoot-deer-on-the-weekend type of Republicans that he thinks he needs to get elected. Which still makes him a shitty person because he’s being disingenuous, but his record as governor of MA suggests that he’s not as much of an idiot bigot as he’s made himself out to be nationally.

    • SK

      The problem is, that the POTUS relies on their party to get things done. Thanks to the system of checks and balances, Presidents don’t have as much power as we think they do. Even if Romney isn’t personally the bigot he has been portraying during the election, the party he’s running for holds alarming views about race and women. The GOP has a strict toe-the-line policy, and this has been discussed by political commentators before.

  12. Anybody believing that anything said during election time is in any way applicable to what would actually happen if said person became President is a much bigger problem than Romney…. Ignorance is one reason politics are a mess, and you’re being pretty ignorant about the reality of politics in this post.

    Please, go back to your no politics policy.

    • “you’re being pretty ignorant about the reality of politics”

      In what way? I see nothing that suggests that.

      • As I said, believing that anything said during election times is in any way applicable to what would actually happen if said person because President is a problem of ignorance. It ignores the reality of politics, which is that Romney made speeches to attempt to win votes and those speeches need to be taken with a grain of salt. Obama did the same exact thing the first time around. (And he accomplished very little of what he said because when you get into office, you’re not winning votes anymore and “hope” is not exactly a concrete thing you can pass through Congress.) This time around Obama mostly relied on the media to fight his battle for him and ran with the whole “Romney is an out of touch rich man” thing. Which I feel this post buys into too much, which is why I find it ignorant.

        To counter the claims of this post:
        -Romney knows he will have zero impact on Roe v. Wade, (there are no Justices who are likely to step down this term, in my opinion, plus Romney is the type of person who’d pick an ineffective moderate conservative replacement anyway, haha) but it’s one of those things you just have to talk about during an election and he chose to get the votes of the anti-abortion people because they were just hanging there unclaimed. I don’t know where the article gets off saying Romney is in any way worse for women than men, economically, and I think it fails to prove it even remotely. The source for this claim is also heavily in the pocket of Obama and constantly in the wrong according to fact checkers, so I’m not exactly trusting it.
        -As a teacher who was forced to find work abroad because of things like the rubber room and teacher unions being absolute control freaks, I could not be happier at such an idea as getting rid of unions. The unions have a ridiculously huge lobby, and I applaud Romney for being brave enough to speak against them. Obama likes their money, so he won’t ever raise a hand to them. But boy do they need it. Have you not seen Waiting for Superman? The teacher union is the worst thing going on in education right now and to be perfectly honest, Romney completely won my vote the second he spoke out against teacher unions and for merit pay. I like literally had tears in my eyes. (Interestingly, Obama had made speeches to certain audiences against teachers unions early in his first campaign. Then suddenly he stopped… can we say “new donor”? Which by the way, is not discussed often enough. Romney’s donors are often critiqued for being rich old men, but nobody ever talks about Obama’s donors… who influence him way more directly than Romney’s donors, whom he basically only panders to during unfortunately filmed benefit dinners.)
        -Romney supported universal healthcare while governor and reached across the aisle to democrats in order to get it passed. Romneycare was a thing before Obamacare was, haha. (No, seriously, it was. But that would be an awkward thing for Romney to point out since it seemed better in terms of the election to be anti-Obamacare.) The reason he wants to repeal Obamacare is because it has a lot of provisions that are terrible from an economic perspective. Not that he would be able to repeal it fully and I think he knows it, (he’s full aware of how many of his vetoes got overruled as governor and he accepts it, but he’s willing to try, something Obama does not, with only 2 presidential vetoes, that he know would not be overturned because that’s how he does politics) but in a campaign you have to make bold claims like that because that’s just how politics works.
        -Romney specifically closed corporate loopholes while governor. He also never took his governor salary and pays his staff huge bonuses, often. He is very rich, yes. But that does not mean that he isn’t aware of the gap between himself and others, nor that he doesn’t do what he can to close that gap when he can. To buy into the media’s oversimplification of him into an out of touch rich man ignores the fact that he has an MBA and a JD. I’m sorry, but you really don’t get those degrees without having some modicum of intelligence. Obama, I should add, only has a JD and is sorely lacking in economic knowledge… Not that I think Obama is stupid at all. But in a time of economic hardship, I struggle with the idea of having a president who thinks inside the Democratic box of social programs and equality for all. That isn’t realistic in today’s economy. This isn’t 1933 and a New Deal has to be different this time around and take into account a much more global economy. That is my personal opinion on economics and I get that most young people disagree with me. But to constantly harp on the fact that Romney happens to have money is such a frustrating thing to hear when there are real economic issues to discuss.
        -Whenever anyone brings up military, I feel that I have to point out that military spending took a huuuge increase during the Obama term. (Seriously. The slope during his term is twice the slope during Bush’s.) I also like to point out that Obama’s biggest claim to be demilitarizing is that he took us out of Iraq….. a motion that had been in progress for years and was actually passed and initialized during the Bush administration. It happened to have been completed during Obama’s reign and he is more than willing to take credit for it though….

        Obama is great at pandering to media. A big part of the reason Obama lost the first debate so terribly is because he had all his sound bites ready, but Romney had predicted them and countered them before Obama got the chance to even bring them up again. There were so many moments where Obama was stuttering around being like “oh, well, it’s funny that you should say that now…” instead of actually replying. Because he had no real replies on anything, he just had the sound bites ready. And he got screwed because of it. (I found that debate highly entertaining, from a media studies perspective.) As another side note, one of my favorite things to listen to is people admiring Obama in his professionally taken photographs. They talk about how photogenic he is, as if they didn’t just pay Pete Souza’s salary, as if a staged photo somehow captures Obama’s essence… it’s great.

        It doesn’t capture his essence at all, unfortunately. It’s politically genius though. And Romney never stood a chance against an incumbent like that, especially when that incumbent also knew to step back, make as few claims as possible, and let the media influence the debate. Which sucks when I think about it too much, which is why it frustrates me to see posts like this, which are so heavily mired in the media’s running on speech claims rather than actual actions of the candidates in the past. Which is a much better predictor of future actions. It just doesn’t make for good headlines.

        And that is why I called the post ignorant. Apologies for not elaborating previously, but I don’t particularly enjoy political debate. But the comment below asking for open discourse has a point, so here it is…

        • Well, first of all, congratulations on voting for a candidate who was absolutely crushed in the election.

          Second, Romney was the governor of my state and during that time created job loss not only in MA, but in New England generally. You think someone like that is good for our country, you’re crazy.

          NOBODY won the first debate. Obama was not at his best, and Romney spouted lies and frothed at the mouth.

          And how you could support someone with binders full of women, the 47 percent, anti abortion rights, anti people of color, anti LGBT (basically alienating one part of the population after another, which is why he lost) is absolutely beyond me. That man had NO business running for President.

          I notice that like most Romney supporters, you focus on one or two issues and lose sight of the big picture, which is, in case you were wondering, that all human beings matter.

          …what was that you said about ignorance about the reality of politics? I believe one of those realities is that there is more to politics than unions and social classes. Even if there weren’t, Romney falls short on those, too.

          Overall, Romney is a joke, and I’m so glad he lost, just as he should have.

          • First of all, there’s no need to be so snippy, I’m not trying to offend anyone. I’m explaining the other side because brushing off Romney is brushing off real political discussion. Romney is not a joke to many people and you’re discounting the opinion of over 59 thousand people. Like I said, I find the polarization/over-simplification of politics absolutely frustrating so I am trying to elaborate on why it’s not really about “47%” or “binders of women.”

            Speaking of which, every politician has binders of women. It’s common practice to have binders prepared of minority/female candidates to balance out a cabinet, etc. Hilary Clinton was picked out of a binder of women, Obama just wouldn’t ever say it outloud, haha.

            Job loss is not always a bad thing. Job loss is typical in changing industries. And perhaps Mass. is a state of changing industries. I’m sure you heard about the op-ed Romney wrote back in 2008 about managed bankruptcy and changing economies. I think he had a valid point in that sometimes we need to have some losses in order to progress. For example, I personally disagree with the government’s habit of subsidizing everything (corn comes to mind,) but if we change it, there will be job loss, so it will never change. Is that really a logical way to do things? Maintain the ineffective status quo instead of forcing industries to progress?

            Obviously all human beings matter. But the President does not affect social issues as much as people like to believe. He is one person in a complicated government system. Like I explained, he wouldn’t get to decide on abortion, nor LGBT rights. And where is this anti people of color thing coming from? Is it just a general “the GOP hates minorities” or did he actually do something concrete against “people of color”? (And having a faux tan doesn’t count because it does not have measurable affect on anyone.)

            I focused on the issues I focused on because they were the ones brought up. I don’t disagree with your “big picture” but I do disagree with your statements about Romney, so I said so… apologies if that angers you.

    • Bridget (Author)

      I’m not ignorant about the “reality of politics” (wtf?). Romney is a disgrace to the USA and the fact that he has any support at all is utterly terrifying.

    • SK

      Actually, the biggest problem of all is attacking other people for their opinions on politics with the absence of a constructive argument. “You’re ignorant” doesn’t count as a constructive argument. To surpass ignorance, we need to have an open discourse about the subject.

  13. Agreed Mitt Romney is a tool! Oh gosh I sure hope he doesn’t win! If so, you are more than welcome to move to Canada.

    • I would love to come to Canada. It’s only a few hours away from where I am.

      I think I’d like to see Australia and the UK and Japan too. : )

  14. *applauds you*

    I am biting my nails on the edge of my seat terrified that this sorry excuse for a human being could win. How THAT is trying to take our President’s job away…how he even GOT to this point…how people are voting for him. I have no words. I am completely disgusted!

    • Bridget (Author)


      I would be so ashamed of my country right now if I were a US citizen.

      • It’s very frustrating to watch. A lot of people I know who support Romney/Ryan don’t even understand what the issues are and how voting for them is actually voting against their own best interest.

  15. I don’t know how to comment on American politics. Honestly, the whole thing breaks my heart and disgusts me. Sigh mostly because our candidates don’t have the guts to do what’s right and only care about their image. I can’t vote because I’m not an American citizen. However, my husband and I disagree on political issues and I refuse to talk about it with him because we might just get divorced. Let’s just say we wouldn’t vote for the same person.
    We are screwed either way…

  16. I started watching some of the debates but honestly couldn’t stomach his outrageous douchebaggery (not only what he was saying but how disrespectful he was, interrupting, going over time, etc etc) so I had to turn them off. I’m with Jordann – if he and RoboHarper are in control… we will all be screwed.

    I love that video!

  17. Totally agree! I AM an American and could never vote for Mitt Romney. He can kiss my ass.

  18. Holy crap that video is hilarious! SNL has also had a few good Mitt impressions this year. Where did you get all those Mitt quotes? They are so dumb! Your interpretations of them are great. Glad I made the choice I did …