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The Problem With Mitt Romney’s Finances


First off, I want to let you know that I am not American. While I did live in the USA for a few years, I’m a Canadian citizen by birth and will probably be staying here in the great white north for the rest of my lifetime. Nevertheless, some of my favorite things are found south of the border: San Francisco, my parents, and cheap shopping. In the interest of being a somewhat informed global citizen, I’ve been following the US election with an interest that has intensified proportionally to Mitt Romney’s increasing displays of ignorance and idiocy. He is a bad, bad man you guys. Money After Graduation is normally a politics-free zone but Mitt Romney is a tool. I can’t stand him. Like, really can’t stand him. Hate him more than George-W.-Bush-and-Sarah-Palin-combined kind of can’t stand him. I hate everything about him from his homophobia to his disdain […]