October 2012 Spending Recap: is this what it feels like to spend five-figures in one month?

OMG. My spending crossed over the $10,000 this month (over half of that to my student loans, don’t get too excited). It’s weird to see that much going in and out of my bank account in one go. If I spent $10K every month that would be over $100,000 per year. Dream big, kids! A good chunk of it will be reimbursed by work too, so it doesn’t really count. But it’s still kind of cool!

This is where it went:


Bank charges – the usual onslaught of PayPal fees (you may have saw me ranting on twitter earlier this month that I paid nearly $20 just to accept $400 into my PayPal account. I love the convenience of PayPal but my gosh, they are pricey sometimes). Additionally, I overdid it on my debit card for the second month in a row and racked up $5 in withdrawal fees. A considerable improvement from the $14 I paid last month, but I can definitely get this down to zero.

Bills – you know, those things we pay every month. Give me housing, internet, and electricity!

Clothing – free of my student loan payment, I treated myself to a cozy sweater, two new shirts and a few pairs of tights. That’s what buying happiness feels like.

Debt – ha! I killed my Federal Student Loan and am now only paying down my Provincial Student Loan. With less than $9,000 remaining it’s hard to believe I was over $20,000 in the hole only a year ago. God I’m so happy.

Electronics – this is big because I bought an iPhone 5. It brings joy to every day.

Food - I nearly made it through the entire month without buying groceries a single time, but I eventually caved last weekend and bought some bread, meat, cheese and apples. Other than that, I dined out nearly every day for every meal. Why? Catering work events at the offer fed me most breakfast and lunches, then I went out with my friends in the evenings for dinner. A week in another city for work meant I received per diem, which I spent to my stomach’s content on some of the best food I’ve ever had.

Healthcare – Massage. Normally I put this under personal care but decided to switch categories since it’s covered by my health benefits. This is actually larger than it will really cause me because I’m waiting to be reimbursed (I just went yesterday!)

Job Expenses – this is huge this month because of travel for work. This was both for a trip last week plus flights booked to Vancouver for next week. I’ll be reimbursed for all of it soon. Blog expenses are part of this slice of the spending pie, but they’re minimal in comparison to hotels, rental cars and flights!

Leisure – Halloween is a big deal to me so I spent a ton on my costume and tickets to parties. I also bought the new Taylor Swift album!

Personal Care – treated myself to some new make-up & make-up brushes. It was more expensive than I expected but it was also one of those awkward moments where you don’t want to tell the cashier you don’t want it as soon as you learn the price, so I just paid it =\ oh well.

This was my month “off” after moving so much savings to my debt, so that’s why I got spendy with clothing, make-up and iPhones. I’ve already set up increases to my automatic savings plans and contributions to my brokerage account, so November will be considerably less self-indulgent (despite being my birthday month!). My goal for 2013 will be to max out my Tax-Free Savings Account (no easy task since it’s the one I withdraw from for travel!) so I’m saving over $700/mo to TFSAs right now. Once it crosses the $20,000 mark (or rather, $25,000 for 2013) I’ll start directing my attention to my RRSPs.

On to November!