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October 2012 Spending Recap: is this what it feels like to spend five-figures in one month?


OMG. My spending crossed over the $10,000 this month (over half of that to my student loans, don’t get too excited). It’s weird to see that much going in and out of my bank account in one go. If I spent $10K every month that would be over $100,000 per year. Dream big, kids! A good chunk of it will be reimbursed by work too, so it doesn’t really count. But it’s still kind of cool! This is where it went:   Bank charges – the usual onslaught of PayPal fees (you may have saw me ranting on twitter earlier this month that I paid nearly $20 just to accept $400 into my PayPal account. I love the convenience of PayPal but my gosh, they are pricey sometimes). Additionally, I overdid it on my debit card for the second month in a row and racked up $5 in withdrawal fees. […]