Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: My Dating Life Part 4

Saturday Personal Finance GIFs is a weekly feature on To see more, click here! If you would like to submit a GIF with a description, please email me directly at bridget @!

My Dating Life is a special series of SPFGIFs in five parts. Click here to see Part 1 and click here to see Part 2 and right here to see Part 3. While these are not “financial” in nature, I do hope you find them as hilarious as the regular SPFGIF feature. Enjoy your weekend!

When my friends ask me how I feel when the guy I like is also seeing other girls:

When a facebook creep a cute guy and he has no privacy settings:

When I turn down guys even when they have no perceivable flaws whatsoever: 

When I explain to people that I can’t get into a relationship because I want to be single when Adam Levine & I finally meet:

When I gave my iPhone to my bff for a day so she could steer my dating life:

When I attend any kind of professional event and joke-but-not-really-joking that I’m “husband hunting”

I know, I am extreme.

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  1. Extreme, but awesome. It just takes a while to find a guy who is also sufficiently awesome and not blind to your awesomeness.

    That was too many awesomes. I need to go back to bed.

  2. Haha love these! I gave you a plus 1 in klout for relationships today :)

  3. Husband-hunting, haha :)

  4. I love these GIFS and I’m never quite sure if you’re serious or quasi joking when you put them up. So, I’m gonna agree with Cassie and say that your dating saga seems extreme, but pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I enjoy reading this each week.. :-)

  6. Adam Levine?! Seriously?! Please tell me you are kidding. He is way too feminine. His voice is, I mean. :)

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