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Are concerts only for rich people?


Many of you probably don’t know this, but the front man of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, and I are soul mates. I understand he is presently dating his second or third Victoria’s Secret model or whatever, but I’m seeing other people too so it’s ok. I know that we will be together soon. However, I am finding the greatest impediment to our marriage is the fact that we have never actually met. Recently Maroon 5 announced tour dates and they’ll be visiting a city nearby enough to my own that I can plan a relatively inexpensive weekend road-trip to attend. Unfortunately, I cannot actually find an inexpensive way to attend the concert. Initially I wanted to buy the $500 VIP pass which included floor seats and a tour of backstage. I felt that this would certainly maximize my chances of meeting him in order to fall in love. I couldn’t […]

The Grad School Scam


Is grad school a scam?Β The cost of education continues to rise while wages and employment opportunities remain stagnant. Many twenty-somethings struggle to get a foothold in their career after completing their bachelors degree, so they go back to school hoping for more opportunities. I love my generation, I do. I’m amused that I’m hurtling into my late 20’s and basically living like I’m in my early 20’s, but with considerably more money. It’s like being a teenager with a credit card. I don’t have a house, I don’t have a family, and really I don’t have any real obligations except for my career. There it is, I said the scary word: CAREER Millenials hate it. Even though I’m mostly debt-free and employed full-time, the word still ignites fear inside my heart. I will be working happily at my desk and then all of a sudden I will wonder (sometimes out […]

Essential business skills I learned from blogging


I think when most bloggers start out, they have no intention of making their website into a business, they just want to put their thoughts out there and be part of the community. However, some blogs evolve into something else. Daisy wrote a great post awhile back about how running a blog is like running a business, and as MAG grows, I have to say I agree with her. I’ve made some serious mistakes blogging (last week I googled myself and found my phone number online) but I’ve also had some serious successes (like that time I filmed that short segment about student loans for the government or was interviewed by MoneySense magazine) and a lot of lessons learned along the way: Negotiation. Discussing prices with advertisers, designers, and developers has been a trial & error experience for me. When it comes to naming prices, I’ve always had in my […]

Year 1 of Living With Student Debt


Earlier this month I posted that I paid off my federal loan in full. Here’s a detailed number post for those of us that looooove numbers πŸ˜‰ Recap for new readers: I graduated with honors from my Bachelor of Science degree in 2010. I immediately enrolled in a Master of Science program in September 2010 where I received a small graduate stipend. For a myriad of reasons, not the least of which was that I just wasn’t cut out for scientific research, I left graduate school at the end April 2011. Because the graduate academic year doesn’t end until August, my loans didn’t start accruing interest until September 2011. I began paying right away, even though technically the six-month grace period meant the first payment wasn’t due until March 2102.Β I regularly update my student loan repayment progress on my debt page, but it occurred to me that maybe you guys […]

You are your most important financial asset


I’ll admit one of the most naive ideas I ever had was that once I got a real, grown-up job I would be done. Like, done panicking and worrying about where my future would go, because I could just hang out in my office and do my work and keep getting promoted or something. In reality, I feel more overwhelmed by my career than ever before. Once you’re in the workforce, there seems to be even more options — but there’s also more to lose. I have a nice, stable job that I could stay in for decades if I choose to, BUT I’m also only in my mid-twenties with no long-term obligations and a seemingly endless array of opportunity. I hold the sincere belief that, regardless of what investments you might have, you are always your most important financial asset. Why? Because you and how you spend your time […]