Are concerts only for rich people?

Many of you probably don’t know this, but the front man of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, and I are soul mates.

I understand he is presently dating his second or third Victoria’s Secret model or whatever, but I’m seeing other people too so it’s ok. I know that we will be together soon. However, I am finding the greatest impediment to our marriage is the fact that we have never actually met. Recently Maroon 5 announced tour dates and they’ll be visiting a city nearby enough to my own that I can plan a relatively inexpensive weekend road-trip to attend. Unfortunately, I cannot actually find an inexpensive way to attend the concert.

Initially I wanted to buy the $500 VIP pass which included floor seats and a tour of backstage. I felt that this would certainly maximize my chances of meeting him in order to fall in love. I couldn’t find a friend anywhere that felt $500 was an appropriate pricetag for a concert, so I eventually settled on the $200 VIP passes and figured I’d buy two and then just lie to someone that these floor seats were actually only $80, don’t worry about it. But then those SOLD OUT by the time I got the guts to put my credit card info in to make the purchase. When the general tickets went on sale a few days later, I hit refresh at least a dozen times evaluating the “best available” at $105 a pop and feeling like I can’t shell out that much to be in the nosebleed section. It is way too far away from the man that will be my husband someday. The alternative was floor seats ranging from $350-$500 each, which I just couldn’t do. It was like the Taylor Swift situation last year, where I couldn’t find it in me to spend $300 even though every song she sings is about my life (particularly “22” and “Begin Again” off her new album, Red).

Anyway, now I’m just mad.

Why do tickets get up to ludicrous prices? How do band justify charging their fans that much?

I know the answer is “because they can” but it makes me hate them a little bit.

Going to concerts is definitely on my top-ten-favorite-things-ever-in-life list, but I have a strange feeling that the hobby used to be considerably more affordable. I’ve never paid $200 for a concert ticket before and I’ve only attended shows where I have floor seating. It’s not even like I’m going to cheap artists either (ie. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga).

Even though I make more money and have less debt than ever, I still can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on one night. 

I know experiences are more valuable then stuff, but I’m so sick of the being-in-debt experience that I can’t YOLO it up every opportunity there is. Now I’m in this awkward situation where I don’t have tickets to one of my favorite bands and telling myself it’s ok, you can just turn up your music really loud that day and it will be like you’re RIGHT THERE.

Maybe they will do another show. Maybe they will release more floor tickets closer to the concert. Maybe I’ll get lucky on Kijiji.

Or maybe I just won’t go.

Because at the end of the day, was my quality of life drastically reduced by failing to see Taylor Swift (or Coldplay) in concert? The answer is no. I don’t wake up every day wishing I had just charged it to a credit card and danced the night away. And it will be the same with Maroon 5.

Though there are eternal consequences here… what happens if you & your soul make never meet?!