June 2011 Spending Recap


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I got out of the habit of tracking my spending because I was binging out of control, then I was in France… but now I’m back and I’m counting all my pennies, even if sometimes I can’t remember where I put them.

Home: includes rent + my cellphone bill, which even after arguing down $268 still came up at over $100 + my dentist appointment + a monthly bus pass ($85) which I’m now responsible for now that I’m no longer a graduate student. Booooo.

Food: I spent more than I wanted, honestly, but I spent many days baking this month. I actually made one peanut butter cookie recipe 3 times before I was happy with it. Cooking is part of my new “being creative” thing. I’m so happy to finally put my free KitchenAid Mixer to use — I’m obsessed with it! I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

Savings: is low, but doesn’t include the 10% of each paycheque that’s auto-deducted and invested into company stock. Also never includes interest & dividend payouts which I always reinvest… not that June was a big month for any of that, I just feel the category looks lackluster, when really it’s still ok. I will probably be taking a break from aggressive savings over the next few months as I work to pay off what I still owe from France and start to attack my student loans.

Entertainment: I got my haircut, then was aching for a bigger change (but not too big) and put red in it. Now it’s strawberry blonde and adorable, but set me back over $200 (probably worth a blog entry all in itself later, after I take some photos). This plus one trip to the spa makes me want to change the title of my “personal care” category to “princess syndrome”.  I had beer on summer patios allllll the time, bought some new shirts, and made my regular Starbucks trips. For interest sake I broke down my entertainment spending just because I was curious. As you can see, my hair definitely ate up most of my fun spending this month… my hair stylist is probably super happy about that.

For July I’m hoping to cut that down all over the place.. a cellphone bill less than $70, groceries should be under $200 for the month, and no more spending on my hair! I also should stop buying clothes since I intend to invest in some very expensive brown leather boots in the fall. I’m also still eyeing a new computer… Oh yeah, and because I ONLY WORK PART-TIME fml.


  1. Not bad to be honest. You are happy and you are saving. Life can only get better 🙂

  2. 12% of savings is still significant… Not a lot of people can say that, and are living paycheque to paycheque.

  3. $200 for a haircut?? Haven’t we all been there? In university I started cutting my friends hair because we were so broke. Now post university I am still cutting her hair… although it’s no longer at midnight outside the student’s union building (we both used to study really late).

    • haha in my defense it was cut + color for >$200 and I have ridiculously long thick hair… but mostly I am just picky =(

  4. That reminds me, I need to cut my hair… but I am both too lazy and cheap to do so before going to Europe.

    Maybe I’ll do it when I get back. And visit the dentist.