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  • “I’m confident the tools and advice you’ve provided will help my entire family get on more secure financial footing. I’m so grateful for your help. I’ve also greatly enjoyed your recent articles on your blog, they’re very insightful and have made me think a lot.”

  • “I’m so glad I came across Money After Graduation. Bridget provides the best financial advice for fresh graduates like myself with tons of useful tips and articles.”

  • “Your site really motivated me to get in financial shape. I have gone from $0 in savings, $0 in RRSP to over $8000 in savings and over $6000 in my RRSP. Simple tips like paying myself first, creating a spending plan and even waiting a week before making a purchase have all REALLY helped me control my money. I just want to tell you this to say Thank You! I feel like I know you and you’ve helped me so much!”

  • “I check back often and have found a lot of solid advice and guidance from your posts.”

  • I’ve definitely have been inspired and have made some personal moves in my life (getting a side hustle, changing jobs, and asking for more money) all using the tips you provided me. So thank you for being a voice for not only Albertans, and for women and showing that you can in fact overcome your circumstances and rise above them.”

  • “I just found your blog, oh, probably a month ago and I loved it! I haven’t followed a blog about money before, but yours was perfect to jump into. It got me thinking about my finances and I especially like that we are at similar places in our lives. I am mid/late twenties, developing a career, and looking for ways to save money and make more money for the things I really want in life. You are awesome!”

    Happy Money After Graduation Reader
  • “I love the blog! This is my favourite – though I know you normally post every other/every third day, I check in daily. Keep up the amazing work. Your tips and posts have helped to keep me on track and motivated in my debt reduction, always with a smile and laughing. Thank you!”

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  • “Bridget, I absolutely love your blog and think that you are do a great job by encouraging college grads that they too can get out of debt and enjoy life by carefully budgeting to save money. I am doing the same thing and you motivate me more to reach my savings goals every time I visit your website. Keep up the good work!”

    Happy Money After Graduation Reader